Do you want to influence business strategy by representing the voice of the consumer? If so, then a role as an intern in the Consumer and Market Knowledge (CMK) organization is for you! CMK’s role is to create a competitive advantage for Procter & Gamble through superior consumer and market understanding. We directly influence strategy, innovation, advertising, pricing, media/trade investments, market execution… and much more! We bring consumers to the center of Procter & Gamble’s business decision-making. Consumer understanding is known as P&G powerhouse, unparalleled in the industry

P&G является работодателем №1 в своей отрасли (по версии Universum, 2014 г.) и предоставляет одни из лучших возможностей для профессионального развития на рынке

Наша отрасль стабильна и отлично чувствует себя даже в условиях кризиса — мы продолжаем расти и развиваться

Мы работаем по всему миру, это дает тебе все преимущества глобальной компании: например, взаимодействие с коллегами со всего мира, международные перспективы

Вы будете работать с брендами №1 в мире: Gilette, Mach3, Oral B, Old Spice, Ariel, Tide, Fairy и другими известными продуктами

В компании есть все условия для быстрого карьерного роста: система обучения и тренингов, наставник, интересные задачи и высокая ответственность

И много других преимуществ: высокая заработная плата (от 50 000 рублей на стажировке), помощь при необходимости переезда из другого города и т.д.

As a CMK Intern and a leader of consumer understanding, you’ll shape the direction of our business:

• You will interact with management and work with autonomy on projects, with continuous coaching of a CMK manager
• You will be an integral part of a multi-functional business team, working with Brand, IT, Sales and Finance partners
• You will lead learning plans to address business needs and objectives,
answering questions such as : What is the right assortment, promotional strategy and media/trade investment? How do we best reach consumers & win with retailers?
• You will lead and drive business recommendations based on consumer & market insights and research findings

As of day one, you will have real work experience with dedicated projects for you to lead inside P&G. You will also be given coaching and training to ensure you are equipped to succeed. At the end of your internship you will have developed skills such as leadership, analytical thinking, project management and collaboration/interpersonal skills. You will also have good understanding of how a multinational company like P&G operates. And finally, a successful internship may lead to a full time position upon completion of studies.
Salary RUR 55.000 per month gross

We are looking for:

• Active students in the 3-6 year of studies or up to 2 years graduates with extracurricular activities, good English and Russian, analytical skills and team orientation, willingness and ability to deliver breakthrough results
• Strong leaders who can envision new «ways to win», set direction and enroll others
• A statistical qualification is not required, but comfort with data analysis is essential
• Enjoy working with a variety of data sources
• A minimum availability of 3 months
• Creativity, innovation, initiative, follow-through, communication, and priority-setting.

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