Get first experience with P&G!

Company offers you an exciting experience – a 3-6-month paid internship in P&G.
Internship in our company is about a real project, real work with customers and real results!

There will be opportunity of part time/specific schedule aligned depending on your availability.

Company invites you to pass internship project in Information Technology (IT) Department. IT is the department for internal consultancy within P&G that works to improve the company’s productivity.

P&G является работодателем №1 в своей отрасли (по версии Universum, 2014 г.) и предоставляет одни из лучших возможностей для профессионального развития на рынке

Наша отрасль стабильна и отлично чувствует себя даже в условиях кризиса — мы продолжаем расти и развиваться

Мы работаем по всему миру, это дает тебе все преимущества глобальной компании: например, взаимодействие с коллегами со всего мира, международные перспективы

Вы будете работать с брендами №1 в мире: Gilette, Mach3, Oral B, Shamtu, Old Spice, Ariel, Tide, Fairy и другими известными продуктами

В компании есть все условия для быстрого карьерного роста: система обучения и тренингов, наставник, интересные задачи и высокая ответственность

И много других преимуществ: высокая заработная плата (от 50 000 рублей на стажировке), помощь при необходимости переезда из другого города и т.д.

For internship P&G offer several interesting projects:

1. Work on corporate IT systems and infrastructure that support P&G supply chain. You will analyze the business background and lead the effort to improve IT systems and better meet business needs;
2. Work with P&G multi-functional team to digitalize and transform business processes. You will immerse yourself into field Sales processes and lead the effort to simplify and innovate Sales Force Automation capabilities and systems.
Your manager and team members will support and coach you, while you will be the real leader of your project.
We will provide you with all the necessary training and knowledge to perform well during your internship

Company offers:

• Flexible work hours
• Interesting real work and early responsibility
• Unique training program which will develop you personally and professionally
• Competitive compensation package
• Broad opportunities for career growth
Salary during 3-6 month internship is 55 000 RUR per month gross.


• 3 — 6 year student or graduated
• Good command of English
• Great leadership, ability to work independently and as a team worker
• Interests and some skills into business analysis

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